Pokémon MMO 3D

Pokémon MMO 3D

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emadx - 0

hi sam
i loving this a game
but i have problems
i went to pokemon mmo 3d game
and i wrote my pokemon mmo 3d account and hes wright your banned why!
ples remove the unbnd ples

Michael - 0

I am loving your game so far, it has so much potential and I look forward to all updates to the game.
Keep up the good work!

username: AxisPandas

InvisibleKid - 0

Thanks for the great game, appreciated all you have done on it!

Also thank you for really quickly fixing a glitch that occurred where my Magneton disappeared :)

Cant wait for the next update keep up the good work!

Blizze - 0

I enjoy the game, I'm also a developper if you need some free help contact me!
Thanks again ! :D


Zombiedmonkey - 0

Thank you for developing a game that is different and what Pokémon has been needing for a long time.


P.S. please make me a magikarp

emmanaomi - 0

I've asked the universe to help support you guys in this mission to create a whole new pokemon world. Thank you for creating something we've all dreamed about for as long as Pokemon has been around

Gioser Cruz
Gioser Cruz - 0

Lets keep the updates comeing guys, great concept.

Michael Fetizanan
Michael Fetizanan - 0

Will continue to donate keep up the great work love the game!!!

turtlezown - 0

Thanks heaps, love the look of the game so far, super excited to see gyms, elite 4 and new generations of pokemon. Love the idea of Speed being the pokemon's actual movement as well as cool down for abilities, makes it all feel very realistic and is fun and exciting to experience.