Pokémon MMO 3D

Pokémon MMO 3D

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Caio César
Caio César - 0

Great job, guys. Keep it up!

ryan gulley
ryan gulley - 0

BaconWaffle here! Thank you guys so much for your hard work, this game is truly amazing!

emadx - 0

hi sam
i loving this a game
but i have problems
i went to pokemon mmo 3d game
and i wrote my pokemon mmo 3d account and hes wright your banned why!
ples remove the unbnd ples

Michael - 0

I am loving your game so far, it has so much potential and I look forward to all updates to the game.
Keep up the good work!

username: AxisPandas

InvisibleKid - 0

Thanks for the great game, appreciated all you have done on it!

Also thank you for really quickly fixing a glitch that occurred where my Magneton disappeared :)

Cant wait for the next update keep up the good work!

Blizze - 0

I enjoy the game, I'm also a developper if you need some free help contact me!
Thanks again ! :D


Zombiedmonkey - 0

Thank you for developing a game that is different and what Pokémon has been needing for a long time.


P.S. please make me a magikarp

emmanaomi - 0

I've asked the universe to help support you guys in this mission to create a whole new pokemon world. Thank you for creating something we've all dreamed about for as long as Pokemon has been around

Gioser Cruz
Gioser Cruz - 0

Lets keep the updates comeing guys, great concept.