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  • Who am I and what kind of content do I create?

  • Hi, My name is Alan Kirby and I'm from Cork City, Ireland. I am the owner and operator of Deep House Radio. #link-2-43 .  We have been broadcasting 24/7 online since March 2015 and thanks to Danny Lane, we are also on 104.9FM Cork City since March 2016. We specialise in Quality Deep Underground House Music & Deep Dubby Techno. Our Djs are a host of top class local and international Djs and we host the top Deep House Podcasts weekly and monthly. We also accept mixes from guest Djs so long as they meet our music policy. 

    The Deeper Sound of The Underground  - Quality 24/7 -

  • Why am I on Tipeee?

  • The reason I have joined Tipeee is for funding obviously. Running the station has now almost become a full time job.  There are now a lot of costs involved between the internet and FM. Included are server costs , website , studio software , studio hardware , broadcasting software , transmitting hardware and software , electricity costs for transmitter etc etc . Considering we do not run adverts and have no income besides donations, its time to enlist some help. Thats where you come in ...

    We would like to build on what we have. Personally I would like to be able to spend more time working on the website and searching out quality music to populate the playlists. I would like to set up podcasting of the shows and would like to be able to have the time and money to manage youtube- soundcloud - mixcloud - facebook - twitter etc etc  

    We would also like to have a studio with the decks etc so the djs can come and broadcast live.

    We would also like to start running a weekly night in the city and get involved in the summer festivals , bringing in some top acts as guests etc. 

    But for the moment we would just like to be able to cover the costs, anything extra will help us grow and achieve our other goals. Deep House Radio is already one of the top House Music radio stations online Worldwide. We have hundreds tuned in at any one time / thousands per day and growing on a daily basis , 

    If you like what we do and feel its a good cause , than feel free to support us and watch us grow with your help. 

    IF you don't feel like Tipeeeing , thats okay too

    Its all about the music  :) 

    If you have love for the deeper sound of the underground and appreciate what we do - Press them buttons :) 

    Thanks for listening 

    Your friends @ DHR 

  • What are the rewards for tippers?

  • Your reward is Quality Deep Underground House Music 24/7  and a commitment from us to keep on improving.

    If I can improve on this in the future , with some kind of rewards scheme , I will . 


    Alan Kirby 

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